The best websites on the boomerangs


everything you need to know about the fascinating world of boomerangs. This site is continually updated with new information and is organized for relevance by a expert who has more than 35 years of experience throwing

Swiss Boomerang Federation

Swiss Federation on Boomerangs. It aims to raise awareness of the sport, to organize events for the public and support young talents.

British Boomerang Society

All the information you need about throwing boomerangs from one of the worlds oldest boomerang clubs based in the UK.


A British website. Carbon fibre boomerangs to the competition community.

Rangs Boomerangs

Web site roger perry which has lead the Australian Boomerang Team in the World Boomerang Championships and served as the President of both the Boomerang Association of Australia as well as the World Boomerang Association.


Site of the German Jens Buhmann where you can find interesting things about the construction, launch and materials used for the construction of boomerangs.