Boomerangs Elbow Natural olive wood

This type represents the classic boomerang for excellence. The designs of the black veins of wood, typical of the olive, reached an incredible level in the boomerang presented

Boomerangs carbon fiber ground

LD carbon and sandwich carbon-glass high performance. The particular geometry favors high rotation speed.

Boomerangs fiberglass ground

LD made of glass fiber with a central core of lightening

Speed VT e VR

Speed of translation and rotation

Boomerangs ground carbon

Boomerangs were made of carbon, carbon-sandwich glass and epoxy resin heat treated, using plates made by me personally. Grinding, meeting the various layers of fabric, determines regular designs entirely similar to those that characterize the steel blades damask. In fact, an LD of this type is a valid witness the martial spirit of the sport.

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Boomerangs fiberglass

Boomerangs were made from fiber glass molded using unidirectional tapes and resins always heat treated according to the manufacturer's specifications. E 'possible a processing of such fibers, so that the surface present a series of regular undulations. The BLD made ​​with molds have similar strength while being very cheap.

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Boomerangs natural elbow

The boomerangs natural elbow olive wood reflect a passion also extended to this type, which is the boomerang classic par excellence. Olive wood has veins that make absolutely unique designs, arranged in such a way as to enhance the dynamics and plasticity of the whole. Undoubtedly suitable for collections of high quality.

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Stroboscopic photographs relating to the measures of the speed of rotation and translation of the boomerang.

To determine the kinematics of a boomerang, you can not in my opinion, to use another technique than that of stroboscopic photography. The measurements obtained are sufficiently accurate and attractive valuations relative to boomerang allow for different weight and geometry as well as to various throw techniques. Especially as regards the two techniques most debated: pinch grip and grip ful. Finally, the experimental data were obtained every genuine fan of this sport have always wanted to know.

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